Our main objectives

Our main objectives are to:

Meet the patients’ needs by promoting the R&D of new radiotracers and their industrialization

Promote research in radiochemistry / radiopharmacy in order to develop our knowledge and methodologies, the basis of advances in PET molecular imaging

Meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry:

by offering manufacturers access to R&D, preclinical validation and process validation services enabling them to reduce development costs;

by creating conditions for effective clinical validation with state-of-the-art equipment, a production site in close proximity to a clinical structure equipped and organized to implement preclinical and clinical validation studies in accordance with methodological, regulatory and medical guidelines.

Meet the expectations of the health authorities. Health authorities require reliable medico-economic information in order to define coherent health policies. Nancylotep assists the health authorities in their search for solutions.

Meet the training needs with our subsidiary Doxaca, a production entity for multi-language e-learning modules for the training of nuclear physicians in new PET imaging examinations using newly developed radiopharmaceuticals.