Preclinical research

The platform assists the investigators in their research by managing the various phases of a project, ranging from support during the design of their project to the performing of acquisitions, images analyse, supply of deliverables and the co-writing of articles.

The “Animal Welfare” structure assists the investigators in their application for project authorization using animal subjects for scientific purposes (APAFIS – Lorraine Ethics Committee, etc.).

Owing to its juxtaposition with the Nuclear Medicine Department of the Brabois University Hospital, the preclinical imaging platform is multithematic (oncology, cardiology, infectiology, neurology, inflammation, etc.).

The platform features a dedicated conventional animal housing facility, which can accommodate animals during the study period (rats, mice), a space dedicated to surgical procedures, a histology room (imaging on tissue sections) and dedicated equipment for the production and interpretation of PET images.

Nancyclotep has completed over 55 preclinical studies since 2008.

Regulations :

Approved animal housing facility

The platform features a conventional type A1 animal housing facility approved by the Departmental Directorate for Protection of the Population (DDPP), the Prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Quality control procedures

The platform has as objective the certification of “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP). As a result, all quality procedures and work actions are defined in this direction.

The platform is subject to 2 types of regulations:

Animal ethics regulations

Preclinical studies are designed and conducted in accordance with European animal testing guidelines and the 3Rs principle (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement). Thus, prior to all experimentation within the platform, the projects are appraised by the Lorraine Ethics Committee N° 66 and are the subject of ministerial authorization issued by the Ministry of Research.

Nuclear Safety regulations

The preclinical platform is accredited by the Nuclear Safety Authorities (ASN) to handle sealed and unsealed radioactive sources. Projects are carried out in accordance with the principles of radiation protection of personnel and animals.