Vectorized Internal Radiation Therapy

Nancyclotep, a reference center in the field of radiotheranostics.

Nancyclotep is deploying as a reference center for Vectorized Internal Radiation Therapy (VIRT).

To achieve this goal, the company has decided to set up a dedicated treatment and hospitalization site. As part of the concept of radiotheranostics, the deployment of all molecular imaging means necessary for the implementation of the VIRT is currently being planned.

This global program will include implementing the following for the first quarter of 2020:

  • a 14-bed care unit, dedicated to vectorized internal radiation therapy with alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides within the Brabois University Hospital;
  • a technical platform comprised of
    • a mini cyclotron;
    • an automated robotic system to produce radiopharmaceuticals using microfluidics;
    • a conventional GMP radiopharmaceutical production unit;
    • a radiochemistry R & D laboratory;
    • a small animal imaging platform.

In the context of this program, Nancyclotep has obtained a European funding of €7.2 million and has partnered with PMB, a subsidiary of the ASLCEN group, which manufactures small cyclotrons and automated robotic systems for producing radiotracers.

Nancyclotep aims to position itself as a key player in clinical trials in the field of molecular imaging and VIRT owing to:

  • a regionalhospital setting with substantial oncological activity;
  • control of the local supply of Fluor 18, Carbon 11, Zirconium 89, Gallium 68, Copper 64;
  • a state-of-the-art) imaging fleet including 4 PET-CT and 6 gamma-cameras.
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