Vectorized Internal Radiotherapy

Nancyclotep is deploying to become the reference center for vectorized internal radiotherapy in the Greater East region.

Founded in 2007, Nancyclotep develops and offers solutions ranging from R&D to clinical studies and production, enabling to meet the needs for the transfer of radiopharmaceuticals to the clinical setting.

Nancyclotep features state-of-the-art facilities including a radiochemistry and radiopharmacy laboratory, a preclinical studies platform, an industrial production laboratory, 3 PET-scans, an e-learning laboratory offering innovative solutions and a hospital environment enabling immediate access to both medical competencies and patients for clinically useful technological applications.

Nancyclotep is a public-private Economic Interest Group, located on the site of the University Hospital (CHRU) of Nancy (France) and employs 18 people.



Preclinical research

Clinical research


Image processing


Nancyclotep in numbers

Approximately 18 people work full-time for Nancyclotep, which brings together on the same site a myriad of professions and skills: chemists, radiochemists, hospital and industrial pharmacists, physicians, biologists, technicians, computer scientists, electroradiology technicians, secretaries, etc.


clinical studies


PET exams since the installation of the first tomograph in 2002


preclinical small animal studies