A laboratory dedicated to research and development in radiochemistry was established in 2013.

The goal of our team is to implement clinically proven radiotracers as well as develop new radiotracers for novel applications. A wide range of radiotracers is available for internal evaluation by the preclinical team.

Production can be carried out using both conventional synthesis automation systems (AIO®/mAIO®, Trasis) and an automated system utilizing microfluidic technology (iMiDEV™, PMB-Alcen).

Our team works with radionuclides included Fluorine-18, Gallium-68, Zirconium-89, and Carbon-11, enabling the production of a broad array of radiotracers from atoms to cells, including peptides and antibodies.

Our team collaborates with:

  • Institutional laboratories at the University of Lorraine: IADI, LCPM, L2CM, LRGP, and CRAN
  • National laboratories: BioMAP (CEA-Orsay), Institut Godinot, and UMR MEDyC (Reims)
  • International laboratories: Karolinska Institutet (Sweden)
  • Industry partners: Curium, PMB-Alcen