Within the Nancyclotep Economic Interest Group (GIE), a clinical research unit has been established to facilitate the advancement of clinical trials in the field of nuclear imaging and therapy.

This unit provides an optimal environment for the development of both industrial and academic research studies.

Where are clinical trials conducted ?

Clinical studies are carried out within the Nuclear Medicine Department at the University Nancy Hospitral (East of France).

The nuclear medecine department enables the imlementation of both diagnostic and therapy (Theranostics) trials from Phase I to IV:

Our cutting-edge technical platform includes:

  • 4 PET/CT, including 3 digital PET systems
  • 14 shielded rooms to treat patients (7 beds for Alphas , 7 beds for betas)
  • 6 gamma cameras, including 2 VERITON-CT™ cameras

The Nuclear Medicine Department at Nancy Hospital, in collaboration with Nancyclotep, has emerged as a major player in Theranostics in France over recent years, treating patients not only from the Grand Est region but also from the Paris area.

Our expertise is available for industrial clinical studies conducted in the Hematology, Hepato-Gastroenterology, and Endocrinology departments. Here, we perform nuclear imaging examins with re-readings and evaluation of treatment effectiveness (e.g., RANO, PERCIST re-readings, etc.).


Our team


Medical Team
(11 physicians
and 36 radiology


Project Manager


Project Manager


Clinical Research

Who are your contacts?


Our expert team is your unique contact for the setup of your industrial clinical trials within the department.
We support you:

  • From the feasibility phase to center selection
  • Discussions with the Nancy Hospital for the contracting of unique conventions
  • In budget evaluation and monitoring
  • In patient inclusion and follow-up

Our team also supports physicians in trials promoted by the Nancy Hospital, from a scientific idea to the publication of a scientific article.

Ongoing Clinical Trials


Industrial Clinical Studies,
including 1 as coordinator


Clinical Studies,
with the Nancy Hospital as sponsor

Are you a trial sponsor?

If you are seeking a French nuclear medicine site for your clinical trial, send your feasibility request to our team.