About us

About Us The aim of the Nancyclotep platform is to facilitate the use of innovative molecular imaging techniques in routine medical practice, thus meeting the needs of patients, the healthcare system, and industrial Research and Development (R&D), as well as academic research.

To date, the Economic Interest Group (GIE) comprises three members: the University Hospital of Nancy (CHRU), the University of Lorraine, and the company Posifit.

Approximately 20 people work full-time for Nancyclotep, bringing together various professions and skills on a single site: chemists, radiochemists, hospital and industrial pharmacists, physicians, biologists, technicians, IT specialists, radiology technicians, secretaries, and more.


Our Primary Objectives

  • To Meet the needs of patients by promoting the R&D of new radiopharmaceuticals and their industrialization.
  • To promote research in radiochemistry / radiopharmacy to develop knowledge and methods.
  • To address the needs of the pharmaceutical industry by:
  • Providing industrial compagnies access to R&D services, preclinical validation, and process validation, enabling them to minimize development costs.
  • Creating conditions for effective clinical validation from preclinical to clinical stages, adhering to methodological, regulatory, and medical requirements.
  • To address the expectations of health authorities. Health authorities require reliable medical-economic information to define a coherent healthcare policy. Nancyclotep supports health authorities in their search for solutions.
  • To meet educational needs through our subsidiary Doxaca a production structure for multi-language e-learning modules designed to train nuclear physicians in new PET imaging exams using innovative radiopharmaceuticals.