The platform supports investigators in their preclinical research, handling different phases of a project from conception to acquisition realization, image analysis, and co-writing articles.

The preclinical imaging platform covers multiple domains (oncology, cardiology, neurology, inflammation, etc.).

It includes:

  • A certified conventional A1 type animal facility, accommodating study animals (rats, mice) in ventilated cabinets controlled daily.
  • A dedicated area for surgical procedures, equipped with physiological monitoring devices and beds suitable for working under Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) conditions.
  • A room for cell culture studies to conduct in vitro radiotracer biodistribution on cells before animal injection.
  • Facilities and equipment for in vivo exams with an animal-dedicated PET/CT scanner (Inviscan).
  • Facilities and dedicated equipment for ex vivo analyses on tissue sections (autohistoradiography device; CR 35 Bio plus) and/or blood or organ samples (gamma counter).
  • An animal welfare structure (SBEA) working closely with a referring veterinarian to continually improve animal refinement.

Nancyclotep has conducted over 62 preclinical studies since 2008.